Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ye, another day went by. Beginning to realise that I am wasting to much time. This weekend I started hefty working out sessions. We live in a flat, which kinda stinks. Situps and these 3kg dumbells is all I had. So I just improvised.. I went through 10 iPod songs, which means I did roughly half an hour. I wasnt sweating too much but my muscles were killing me.

Formula 1 had the most boring race this season. (Barcelona track) Although an amazing 350 000 ppl visited the place to watch F1 over the course of the 3 days. 350 000!!!!!!!!!! thats more ppl than Nicosia and a few villages have in population!!!!! Man it looks like ppl are living a sweet world out there.

Revision? (A levels and retakes in a couple of weeks) too little.

I dont really react to myself not doing much work. Although I do get depressed, which usually calms me down.

Marcos got 3 points on his 2nd day of owning a driving liscence. $#(&%)&$%) ! hate him.. why? Cause he actually has a liscence to put them on! Ye it stinks having a provisional.

Hopefully gonna get the car tomorrow and drive with mum again, after it broke down while I was driving it for the 1st time. I too lucky for all of you -_-